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The website the Minnesota State High School League uses for registration, tests, training sessions, and anything related to officiating on the statewide level. 

Arbiter is also the website that Gopher uses to assign its games.

National Federation of State High School Associations. The Federation publishes the rules and casebooks under which Minnesota High Schools play their games, including the sports Gopher officiates.

Note: Hardcopies of the Rule and Case Books are provided every other year as part of your registration with the MSHSL. The NFHS does provide digital copies of the books that officials can subscribe to and have on their electronic devices.

General Sports is a Twin Cities sporting goods store that specializes in products for officials, including the sports Gopher officiates. Can order from the website or their store is next to Braemar Arena in Edina.

Referee is a long-standing website, magazine, and publisher of resources (both free and paid) to help take your officiating training to the next level.

Thinking about becoming an official? Here's a website that gives some great reasons to sign up.