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May 2, 2022:

The MSHSL has introduced a new shirt for football officials, so if you're looking to buy a new one or need a new one, it might make sense to wait until June to do so. This shirt will be a three-year implementation plan. The uniform shirt(s) will be required for State Tournament Officials in 2023. It will be required for all postseason games in 2024, and all varsity games in 2025.


Notes from the High School League on availability:

The shirts should begin to be available by the end of June. Predicting quantities will help make sure there are enough shirts of the correct style (and keep costs down). If you’re planning to purchase a shirt this year, General Sports will have an ordering window (mid-June) where you can go to their online store to guarantee that you will receive your uniform shirts before your first game. The jerseys will be produced by Smitty’s (the manufacturer of most officials’ uniforms already), and the sizing & material is similar to other products. The shirt will be available in men’s & women’s cuts, and short & long sleeves from distributors like General Sports in Edina and online (see The new shirts have the MSHSL logo and U.S. Flag that are sublimated and only Smitty is approved to manufacture these shirts.   

November 2, 2022:

The 2022 regular season wrapped up over MEA and the section playoffs will finish up this weekend. Gopher's crews have been working hard all season, watching the newly required weekly videos from the high school league, and going wherever George needed them. Well done by all. This year we have five crews selected to work the state tournament. This is a very good showing by Gopher, even though it is down from last year's eight crews. 

Congratulations to the following crews that were selected to work the state tournament this year:

Matt Papke and his crew of Jason Weber, Gary Golka, Jeff Zamzow, and Larry Norland will work the 4A Prep Bowl Final at 4pm on Friday 12/2 at U.S. Bank Stadium. They will also work the 6A quarterfinal game at Stillwater High School on Thursday, 11/10 at 7PM. 

Rick DeGardner and his crew of Scott Schulz, Ryan Luessenheide, Patrick Molan, and Joe Ganske will work the 6A semifinal game on Thursday, 11/17 at 7:00PM at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Matt Olson and his crew of Jeremiah Miller, Brad Wright, Josh Beck, and Tony Dahl will work the other 6A semifinal game on Friday, 11/18 at 7:30PM at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Tim Litfin and his crew of Jim Larson, Aaron Nordling, Chris Tengwall, and Nick Litfin will work a 5A semifinal game on Saturday, 11/19 at 7:00PM at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Rob Bissonette and his crew of Craig Sevick, Rolf Fiebiger, Scott Weis, and Roger Denny will work a 2A quarterfinal game on Thursday, 11/10 at 7:00PM at St. Cloud Tech High School. 

As we start to look towards the 2023 season, assigner George Winn, clinician Matt Papke, and football representative Matt Olson - along with the Board of Directors - will look for ways to provide additional training and educational opportunities, whether during the offseason, preseason, or in season. More information will be provided as these details are discussed and solidified. George will also be looking at crews as usual and is looking to add new officials for the 2023 season.

MSHSL Officials YouTube Training Videos - watch the most recent football video below. 

Beginning with the 2022 football season, all officials must watch the MSHSL training tapes via the eligibility tab on the Arbiter website in order to be eligible to officiate a state tournament game. It is the same process as taking the online training modules for preseason certification. All videos must be viewed on or before October 11, 2022. Viewing the video below or on the YouTube channel will not count.

Most Recent MSHSL Football Officiating Training Tape - 2022 Video #7

2022 MSHSL Mid Season Football Meeting

MSHSL 40/25 Play clock training tape

Referee Announcement Training Video

Gopher Football Officials in Action

Bill Lemonnier's 

Football Officiating Academy 

2016 Crew of Five Training Video



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Bill Lemonnier's 2016 training video used by permission. All rights reserved.