Gopher State Officials Inaugural Recognition Event

More than 100 attendees came out for Gopher State Officials' inaugural recognition event. A great dinner, program, and awards were presented to Gopher officials. Award winners included

Bozo Wincek Award: John Monson

Football Rookie of the Year: Lisa Schuler

 Basketball Rookie of the Year: Keesha Pringle

 Softball Rookie of the Year: Tom Knoblauch

 Baseball Rookie of the Year: Dan Kvitrud

Gary Sipe was also recognized for his 2024 Distinguished Service Award

Along with the awards, MSHSL Associate Director and Coordinator of Officiating Services 

Jason Nickleby talked about his time working for Gopher State early in his career.

We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Photos from the 2024 Recognition Event

2024 MSHSL Distinguished Service Award

Gopher State official Gary Sipe was recognized with the MSHSL Distinguished Service Award 

at the most recent boys basketball state tournament. 

From the MSHSL description:

From the Gopher State Officials Association, let’s meet Gary Sipe of Rockford. Gary was a servant leader of the association and has been instrumental in the group's success by serving in multiple roles in 32 years of service to Gopher. He was a tireless advocate for football, basketball, and softball officials of the Metro Area, serving as a mentor to scores of individuals. Gary recruited several officials to the Association who went on to experience continued success and advancement.  Gary is a compassionate and graceful leader who put Gopher State Officials on the road to notable and inspiring success.

Congratulations Gary, and thank you for your service to Gopher State!

Previous winners of the MSHSL Distinguished Service Award from Gopher State