Dues Policy





1. Dues will not be accepted at pre-season annual meetings.

2. Dues can only be paid for the upcoming season. For example, basketball dues cannot be paid when football dues are being collected.

3. The dues amount for each sport will be established by the Board during the budget process.

4. First year officials of Gopher State Officials will not be charged late fees.

5. Returning officials will be charged a $25 late fee after the following dates:

a. Football – August 1

b. Basketball – November 1

c.      Baseball/Softball – March 1

6. Dues for 23-24 School Year:

a. Football - $65

b. Basketball – $100

c.      Baseball/Softball – $85

7. Dues (or any portion thereof) will not be refunded or carried forward to the next season unless extenuating circumstances occur such as season-ending injury, moving out of the area, etc.  Any request will be considered and ruled upon by the president and treasurer.

8. Dues will only be accepted:

a. Online at gopherstateofficials.org/pay-dues (subject to a $3 processing fee)

b. Sending a check (payable to Gopher State Officials) to: 

PO Box 24052, Mpls, MN 55424-9998.

9. Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances.



Adopted August 28, 2022 and updated with new dues amounts as necessary