Gopher State Football

ASSIGNER                                               CLINICIAN

BOZO WINCEK                                        Rolf Erickson

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Congratulations to the following crews that were selected to work this year's state tournament:

  • Chad Crosby and his crew of Bob Determan, Kevin Schafer,  Kyle Strickfaden and Steve Zins will work a quarter final game.
  • Rolf Erickson and his crew of Jeff Johnson, Bob Norman, Chris Rossini and Tom Stephan will work a quarter final and AAAA final.
  • Chuck Kroll and his crew of Scott Grams, Doug Polacek, Brian Schmid and Steve Walker are working a semi final.
  • Tim Litfin and his crew of Dean Dalen, Chris Jostock, Jim Larson and Nick Litfin are working a quarter final
  • Kevin Perry and his crew of Phil Bernards, Chuck Hollenback, Seth Pugh and Lucas Schaaf are working a quarter final
  • George Winn and his crew of Dale Dovenmuehler, Tom Franta, Dave Jennrich and Jason Knaus are working a semi final