Clark Worthington Receives the Distinguished Service Award from the High School League.

Past Gopher State recipients of this award include:
 - Don Bertek
 - Steve Makowske
 - Bozo Wincek
 - Arnie Mavis
 - Mike Madden
 - Paul Nesvig
 - John Monson
 - Greg Swan

In 2014, The Gopher State Officials Association received the Award of Excellence for outstanding associations in the state of Minnesota.

Archived News


 PRESIDENT - MIKE MADDEN - 612-859-0626

SECRETARY - BOZO WINCEK - 763-533-0050 -

"Proudly serving School District Athletic Teams in the greater Twin Cities

Metropolitan Area since 1965."

Pictured: Bozo Wincek, Clark Worthington and Mike Madden


Left to right: Bozo Wincek, Mike Madden, Clark Worthington, Billy Peterson, Jason Nickleby & Jon McLean